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, dr. conrad murray, were released. after weeks of leaks and speculation, for the first time we know the details of what police and the coroner believe happened in those fateful last 24 hours of jackson's life. a police affidavit says dr. conrad murray told los angeles detectives he had been treating jackson for six weeks for insomnia, giving him 50 milligrams of propofol every night through an i.v. to help jackson sleep. ♪ dr. murray told investigators he feared jackson was getting addicted, so he reduced the dosage to 25 milligrams two days prior to jackson's death. >> you don't use propofol to wean somebody, but propofol literally is just simply used to put someone to sleep and if you give too much, it can be lethal and you can have exactly what happened here. >> the papers say that dr. murray gave jackson valium at 1:30 a.m. and that he said that the valium did not work, so he gave the singer an i.v. injection of lorazepam. an anti-anxiety drug about half an hour later. >> in the case of lorazepam, however, although it's in the blood for a short time its effects can actually pe
que jackson sufría de insomn insomnio, en la que el doctor murray le dio el propofol a petición del propio cantante. >>> el problema del doctor no saber cómodecirle que no, ya eía que michael estaba adicto y que era un riesgo administrarle algo tan peligroso. >>> el forense no reveló los resultados completos, debido a que la investigación de la policía continua, y el doctor murray sí es el blanco de la investigación. >>> por su parte la familia de michael agradeció el trabajo que realizó el medico forense. >>> qué se espera que pasa con el doctor murray, dicen que no es sospechoso, pero qué puede pasar? >>> continua la investigación, y aunque no se ponen dae cuerdo en cuál pudiera ser la situación realmente la última palabra la tiene el fiscal quien decidirá si habrá suficiente evidencia, sin embargo, por el momento no hay nada claro. >>> muchas gracias. >>> nos vamos con enrique teutelo y un adelanto de última hora. >>> gracias. y esta noche continuamos una amplia cobertura al fallecido senador edward kennedy. y si no se presentan contratiempos el transbordador de
's private doctor, conrad murray. sources confirm he is the focus of a federal investigation. and also tonight, we learn exactly what police were searching for during the los angeles raids on the doctor's home and office. the search warrants suggest that investigators believe michael jackson was an addict. it was revealed that numerous prescription drugs were seized from michael jackson's home. sources confirmed the records of doctors connected to the superstar have been subpoenaed. also tonight, as the legal battle races on over jackson's billion dollar empire, grandmother katherine jackson and bio mom, debbie rowe, reach a custody deal over jackson's children. >> he really wanted to get a good night's sleep. and he had gone through everything in the past, really didn't help him to sleep. and he wanted the diprivan. >> search warrants seem to imply investigators think michael jackson was an addict. >> the warrant states, it's looking for evidence of demonstrating crimes of excess prescribing and prescribing to an addict and manslaughter. >> this warrant suggests that michael jackson h
that authorities are looking for evidence related to propofol or diprivan. we know from a source that dr. murray gave him that drug within 24 hours of his death. >> the warrants say there's probable cause to say that er g searches of the home and office of dr. murray would uncover, quote, crimes of excess. specifically, excessive prescribing, prescribing to or treating an addict, and manslaughter. >> the key piece of evidence is a cd with the name omar arnold on it. detectives seized that, and i confirmed with a source close to the investigation that jackson used the name omar arnold as an alias to obtain prescription drugs and to get procedures done without anyone knowing. >> the fact that they are, essentially, saying that michael jackson was an addict makes the prosecution of anybody harder because it suggests that jackson himself was the big initiator of getting all these drugs. >> it was april of 2009 that he asked me for the drug. one drop hit my vein with the i.v., i go to sleep right away. i'm knocked out and i'm asleep. >> let's go out to tom o'neil, senior editor of "in touch weekly."
included in this affidavit as well. and exactly what happened t says here that dr. murray after michael jackson had been asleep for about ten minutes after that propofol diluted with lidocaine mixture, dr. murray left the room, he says for about two minutes. when he came back, michael wasn't breathing. so for the first time we're getting a very clear picture, really a tick tock minute by minute of what happened that night he died. >> and courtney, it does seem like they're essentially building up this case then against dr. conrad murray. >> let's not forget we've been talking about building up the case against murray and certainly that doesn't appear what's going on. this affidavit, this is murray telling law enforcement what happened. this is not law enforcement finding out from someone apart from murray what took place that night. this is murray cooperating with authorities. i think that's important to point out here, that we're not dealing with somebody who's trying to hide anything it would seem and not trying to keep anything away from law enforcement. he's telling them the dosage,
for the raid on dr. conrad murray's home and office in las vegas for the latest details of what is contained in the search warrant, let's go to ellie jostad, "nancy grace" producer. >> what they are looking for is evidence of the charges of manslaughter, excessive prescribing and prescribing to an addict. the other interesting thing is, they're looking for anything related to the treatment, patient records for michael jackson or 19 aliases they believe jackson may have used. those aliases include his son's name, prince jackson, frank tyson, a former personal assistant, kai chase, his personal chef and also omar arnold, an alias jackson used in relation to his health care. they are looking for informing, distribution lists, prescriptions, delivery, storage of that drug, propofol which authority authorities -- >> that is not listed for the return here, jim. we've got computer evidence, cell phone evidence. we have paperwork but i don't see propofol listed here. >> if you're the homicide detective, they go there. their priority number one is finding the propofol. it's not listed. other good stu
drugs given to him on the day he died. jackson's doctor, conrad murray was treating him for insomnia. murray was concerned he was addicted to propofol and tried to use other drugs to try to help jackson sleep. he said jackson requested propofol and dr. murray administered it into an intravenous drip. the doctor said he stepped out of the room nor a bit and when he returned found jackson stopped breathing. >> we now know the cause of death is propofol. the question is who killed michael jackson. the web of suspicious has always been centered on dr. murray. >> reporter: police question what murray says he did after giving jackson the final powerful sedative. cell phone records show murray made three separate calls, one as long as 47 minutes around the time he says he was trying to revive jackson. according to documents he didn't tell investigators about the phone calls. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> in anne arundel county police are trying to figure out this morning who these pair of robbers are. they say a woman walked into the pnc bank in crofton, grabbed a deposit slip, looked aro
involving dr. conrad murray and his apparent imminent indictment. there is amazing stuff coming down the pipe. i'm getting it all organized and i will be bringing you the beginning of it in the next five or ten minutes but i want to begin with the stunning but controversial success of the governments it cash for clunkers campaign which rewards car buyers with up to $4,500 in free money when they trade in their old gas guzzlers for new smaller fuel efficient vehicles. so popular is the particular stimulus program that it has spent its entire billion dollars budget in just the first month and to keep the good times rolling the house on friday voted overwhelmingly to rush another $2 billion into the program. but the senate, as you know, has yet to agree. and for obvious reasons. watch. ♪ money for nothing and your chicks for free ♪ >> the president probably did not have the old money for nothing dire straits song in mind when included the rebright stimulus package, but there is no doubt this ranked as an enormous success. >> there were skeptics who weren't sure that this cash for cl
the presses, the search warrant for the raid on dr. conrad murray's home and office in las vegas. for the latest details on what is contained in this search warrant, let's go straight out to ellie jostad, nancy grace producer poring through this. >> reporter: we find out what they are looking for is evidence of the charges of manslaughter, excessive prescribing and prescribing to an addict. the other interesting thing, they're looking for anything related to the treatment, patient records, prescriptions, for michael jackson or 19 aliases they believe jackson may have used. those aliases include his son's name, prince jackson. frank tyson, former personal assistant. kai chase, his personal chef. the name omar arnold which is an allance alias michael jackson used often in relation to his health care. they're specifically looking for any information, distribution lists, prescriptions, delivery storage of the drug propofol, which authorities tell us they believe may have killed michael jackson. >> did they find propofol? >> reporter: that is not listed on the return here, jane. we've
mansion. >> dr. murray screaming, yelling. >> we learn what police say jackson's personal doctor has told them he did. was he taking aisk? >> if you use propofol anywhere but the hospital you are rolling the dice? >> it's russian roulette. >> we know he worked to revive the singer. >> the doctor gave him cpr trying to get him to breathe on his own. >> was it an effort doomed to fail? >> you need more than cpr? or was the pop legend's death years in the making? hear what insiders tell us. >> there were several times i had to literally carry him back to his hotel room and put him in bed. >> did michael jackson have to die? and will anyone face charges? exclusive details on michael jackson inside the final hours. >> she is the person that you see that you would want to be. >> they were a gorgeous couple. >> fame, power, money. >> he was football royalty. she was expecting their first child. >> the baby was moving, and she said, come and feel my tummy. >> he felt happy. just being with her. >> then a crime that stunned the city, the beaming mother to be, gunned down in her own home. >> to see
the texans 38-14. >> semifinal, cincinnati masters, roger federer against andy murray, murray has won four in a row against roger. when roger was told about the streak, he said, "when my game is on, i know i can beat any player in the world." it's not cocky. he has the cool confidence. >> never joking around. >> murray backhands it into the net, hits his knuckles against his racket. the knuckles would bleed. he would be treated on the sideline, play would resume. murray with the backhand down the line for the winner. the tiebreak, murray serving to stay alive, first serve out, next serve -- you don't want to do that either, dou >> in the other semifinal, number three, rafael nadal, and fourth-ranked novak djokovic, and djokovic came out aggressive, first set up 3-1. djokovic hit the forehand winner. wins the first set 6-1. he had 21 winners. second set, match point, number two for djokovic and he takes care of it. he will face roger federer in the final. djokovic ends his own five-match losing streak against nadal. thursday at noon, espnews airs the u.s. open draw show. >> a former hockey
's personal chef. she says she saw dr. murray come downstairs with oxygen tanks in the morning. we would love to hear from you. joining me to talk about this, kim sarafin and legal analyst from and anne bremner. we've got the term "addict" being used in these search warrants. isn't that more trouble for dr. murray? the inference here is you are enabling a drug addict. >> he's got trouble ahead and trouble behind. you are talking about overprescribing, prescribing to a drug addict and potentially manslaughter. this is not only potentially criminal, but implicates his license at a minimum. we knew back at the time i was at the jackson trial, which to a certain extent was on headline news and cnn. i as a lay person/slash lawyer could see it at the trial. his doctor certainly should have known and was part of that equation according to the feds and state authority. >> in your experience, could any doctor plead ignorance on michael jackson? >> you know what? ignorance is no defense when you are dealing with michael jackson and his addiction, given all the anecdotal information and al
. murray thought that michael jackson was addicted to the drug. he suffered terrible sleep insomnia for six weeks. according to dr. murray. he was apparently trying to wean him off of it. he had been giving him 50 milligrams of this drug and in the hours before his death, it appears dr. murray gave michael jackson what amounts really to a cocktail of drugs even though the coroner is now saying it was this lethal dose of propofol which ultimately killed him. here's the timeline. 10:30 a.m., 10 milligrams of valium. 2:00 a.m., injected him with the antianxiety drug, ativan. 3:00 a.m., versed, through an i.v., also an antianxiety medicine to put someone to sleep before surgery. and 5:00 a.m., more ativan, 5:30 more versed, and at 10:40 a.m., the propofol, 25 milligrams. this is key since he called 911 at about 12:20 in the afternoon, dr. murray did. just about two hours after he gave michael jackson that propofol. >> and what about murray's actions the day jackson collapsed? did you learn where he was when the singer stopped breathing? >> we've been trying to figure that out for a couple of mo
to revive jackson. dr. murray, according to the documents, did not tell the investigators about the phone calls. the rock star reportedly referred to the drug a milk. little did know that this would someday take his terror suspects. a report detailed what it called unauthorized and inhumane practices. the report had been secret for five years until a lawsuit fo z forced its release. >> we now have a document that the world can read that shows in disgusting detail that the united states violated its own belie beliefs and turned to the dark side when it didn't have to. >> the cash for clunkers program came to the end of the road last night but dealers will have a little more time to get the paperwork in. the program's compute kerrs not keep up with the demand and they crashed during the last minute. the new deadline for dealers is noon today but that will be teed extended even more to make up for the time the computer systems down. >> nasa postponed the launch of the space shuttle because of bad weather. thunderstorms popped up around pounds of gear to the international space sta
is talking. it ois not an interview, but a taped interview. you can judge what you think of dr. murray's statements that he "told the truth." remember, he is a central figure in the investigation of manslaughter. >>> michael jackson will final i will be laid to rest. we'll give you the details when and where. >> there is more at join the live chat underway. >>> up next, back to health care. sanjay gupta taking the questions you have been sending in to our site. >>> new evidence of who may have ordered the ninja assassins to kill byrd and melanie billings. one of their 13 children saw that terrible evening. we talk to the local sheriff who has plenty to say. tom. now, i know the catering business but when i walked in here i wasn't sure what i needed. i'm not sure what i need. tom showed me how to use mifi to get my whole team working online, on location. i was like, "woah". woah ! only verizon wireless has small business specialists in every store to help you do business better. you're like my secret ingredient. come in today and connect up to five devices on one 3g connectio
angeles. alex. >> good morning. we've known for a while that dr. conrad murray has been at the center of the investigation into jackson's death but today the probe is taking a big leap forward. after months of incf1 o ssociated press, a cf1 o told in he said he had been treating the star for insomnia about six weeks before his death. murray said he'd been him with 50 milligrams of propofol. he feared his client was forming an addiction so he attempted to wean him off the drugs. murray says at that time he left jackson so he could make phone calls. when he returned, his client was not breathing. >> walking out of the room after administering a combination of medication such as this is completely unacceptable and absolutely dangerous. >> the finding of homicide makes it more likely charges will be filed against dr. murray. a spokesman says much of what's in the documents is police theory. police many of those details. reversed course and will now conduct a criminal probe into the cia's treatment of terror suspects since 9/11. the decision follows the release of the cia's own report kep
jtsds the >>> what the report says and what it might mean to the singer's doctor, conrad murray. >>> employing girls as young as 15. how one girl's grandmother reacted when reporters asked her about it. >>> and check out this incredible high-speed police chase in a suburb of atlanta. wait until you see the unbelievable way the driver ended ul that. welcome to hln "news and views." michael jackson's doctor could face criminal charges now that the los angeles coroner's office has concluded the singer died of an overdose of propofol. the findings are preliminary. according to the 32-page report dr. conrad murray told police he was treating jackson for insomnia for about six weeks. he gave jackson the sedative known as diprivan to help him sleep. that led the coroner to rule his death a homicide. >> it means legally taking the life of another. it means michael jackson did not die of natural causes. he was not a suicide. the government concluded that someone else killed him. there are a wide variety of charges within homicide. intentional homicide, you can get the death penalty for.
to the investigation has told cnn jackson's personal doctor conrad murray gave him propofol within 24 hours of his death. could he be facing criminal charges and soon? as always, we take your calls at 1-877-tell-hln. let's bring in randi kaye from our sister network cnn. she's been all over this. what do we have in this document? we're really getting a timeline here. >> we certainly are, mike. we have the search warrant here just filed today, just made public in houston. just getting my hands on it going through it. i can tell you as you know the headline out of it is that the coroner's office has determined that at the time of his death, i'm quoting here from the document, toxicology analysis showed that michael jackson had lethal levels of propofol in his blood. for those of you who might not be familiar, it's also known as diprivan. it's not supposed to be used outside of a hospital setting. it requires monitoring. it involves oxygen thanks. it's very critical that it be used only inside a hospital in a surgery setting. apparently, according to these documents that we have, this affidavit of a
's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. there are also more details contained in a search warrant, and court documents unsealed today. we have complete coverage tonight with randy in los angeles, and senior legal analyst jeffrey tubin in new york. first randy with the very latest. randy, what can you tell us? >> i know you mentioned the report by the associated press saying the death has been ruled a homicide. i do want to point out when it comes to the coroner's ruling of a homicide, it could have a very different meaning. it has a much larger meaning. it could be reckless manslaughter, negligent homicide, there are all kinds of things there. the associated press is quoting a single source there. we have called the l.a.p.d. they said that that information was not coming from them. we also called the coroner's office here in l.a. county and they gave us a "no comment." we did check with the district attorney's office as well, and they said they hadn't received a note yet to press charges. we can tell you that according to the affidavit and the
murray insists he never gave the king of pop anything that should have killed him. and his attorney is ripping apart the timeline, calling it police theory. >>> this shocker. cops might have caught dr. murray in a blatant lie. >>> and a gruesome, bloody public service announcement on the dangers of texting while driving. it feels real. it is scary. scared straight is the theme here. you see teen girls texting, and then a head-on collusion. you hear a neck snapping, a little girl in the backseat screaming for mommy and daddy. graphic, raw emotion. i think it's going to work. call in, we love hearing from you. here's the number. 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us, or you can text us at hlntv. just start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. >>> welcome. this is "prime news," i'm mike galanos. breaking news out of colorado. we're watching a los angeles courtroom for pop singer chris brown, and just moments, he's going to hear his sentence for assaulting his then-girlfriend rihanna. beat her up back in february. brown avoided jail time by taking a ple
murray's version of the truth is now in question. a police affidavit says that on the day michael jackson died, dr. murray gave the singer several sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs to help him sleep. when jackson was still awake at 10:40 a.m., murray gave him propofol, a powerful anesthetic. the affidavit says murray then found jackson unconscious around 11:00, yet it was 80 minutes litter when 911 was finally called from jackson's rented mansion. >> did anybody witness what happened? >> no, just the doctor, sir. the doctor is the only one here. >> reporter: dr. murray says he was doing c.p.r., but phone records show he also made 47 minutes worth of phone calls. at 11:18, he made a 32-minute call to his office in las vegas. at 11:49 he called another vegas number for three minutes. then he called a number in houston for 11 minutes, then at 12:12 he called a jackson associate for one minute. that's about the time jackson's personal chef says dr. murray came running down stairs. >> dr. murray comes down the stairs halfway and screams, he's screaming at this point. >> reporter: security then
after another until the final deadly dose. >> at 10:40 in the morning, the day he died, murray administered 25 milligrams of this propofol to michael jackson. >> will his doctor face criminal charges or was michael jackson ultimately to blame for his own death? >>> tonight, cia agents face criminal investigation for inhumane treatment of suspected terrorists. the big question is, is it national security or dangerous politics? >> it's actually very dangerous to reopen this. >> if people were tortured, if people were murdered, they should be prosecuted, period. >>> also, vacation politics. the white house moves to martha's vineyard. >> this morning the president worked out, played tennis, was going to hit the links today. >> tonight's big question, can the president get away from it all and still get the job done? >>> and tonight's "newsmaker," the blogger suing google for revealing her identity. she wants $50 million for violating her privacy. it's the case that may change your life online. >>> hi, everybody. those are the big questions tonight. we're going to start as we always
-up of the searches of the clinic of dr. conrad murray. just yesterday we learned the toxicology report is complete. but the cause of death still top-secret. well, could this investigation be close to an end. could an arrest come sometime soon. we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln's the number. joining us to talk about it, ted rowlands. jim moret, chief correspondent "inside edition." and also joining us, don clark, former fbi special agent in charge. ted, let's start with you. again, ted on this one since day one. what are they looking for at this pharmacy that's going to link back to dr. murray, ted? >> well, according to a source familiar with the investigation, this search was specific in that it was a follow-up on information that they were able to get out of murray's clinic and home, in that search about a week and a half ago in vegas. they used that information which has now basically taken them to the pharmacy. you can take from that that they're looking for the origin of specific prescriptions that had to do with this case. so this is now that next logical step of trying to trace the medi
on dr. murray. ixpect that an arrest could be imminent. >> the news comes on the heels dr. murray said he had injecting jackson with propofol. on the day he died, dr. murray tried to induce sleep without using the drug. he tried other drugs, but with little success. jackson repeatedly asked for the more powerful drug. at 10:40 a.m., dr. murray comply. at that time he left jackson so he could make phone calls. when he returned, jackson was not breathing. >> walking out of the room is completely unacceptable and dangerous. >> the finding of homicide makes it more likely charges will be filed against dr. murray. >>> authorities are looking for a woman who helped a reality television contests that the vague and international manhunt. brian jenkins was found dead last night. he was wanted in connection with the death of his wife. the model's be deleted remains were found in a trash bin in loss angeles. a woman who checked in with jenkins has disappeared. >>> news about a popular weight loss drug. the fda is checking to see if alli causes liver damage. since the fda has not established any l
. here's mike von fremd. >> reporter: jackson's doctor, conrad murray, had been treating the pop star's insomnia for weeks. experimenting with the powerful drug, propofol, used to sedate patients before surgery. murray was concerned that jackson had become increasingly addicted to propofol. and used a long list of other drugs to help jackson's sleep. on the day of jackson's death, the star again couldn't sleep. at 1:30 a.m., the doctor gaves jackson valium. it doesn't work. at 3:00 a.m., the doctor tries zlma madazlam. still, jackson cannot sleep. still, other sedatives, all failed. then, repeated demands, requests for jackso at 10:40 a.m., dr. murray gives him a diluted batch of propofol, directly into jackson's intervenous drip. after monitoring his pulse and oxygen levels, dr. murray says he steps out of the room to go to the bathroom. murray returned to the room two minutes later and found jackson had stopped breathing. he attempts to revive jackson, performing cpr. administering drugs to reverse the effects of propofol. calling for help. but it could turn out to be too late. mich
person. jackson's personal physician dr. conrad murray, the likely candidate is yet to be charged with anything. tonight, nearly two months the day of his death, we now know the chain of events. four drugs administered to help jackson sleep, the mildest of which can kill in large doses, the strongest, propofol is potentially deadly even in smaller amounts if given improperly. combined and without proper attention outside a hospital setting, you've got the makings of a tragedy and perhaps a crime. randi kaye has the breaking news. the coroner's finding came out for a houston's search warrant. and in the affidavit he admits giving jackson propofol. what did you learn about what else he was given? >> reporter: we've learned quite a bit. the key thing we have learned tonight is that lethal levels of propofol killed michael jackson. the preliminary report is telling us so. dr. murray thought that michael jackson was addicted to the drug. he suffered terrible sleep insomnia for six weeks. he was apparently trying to wean him off of it. he had been giving him 50 milligrams of this drug a
. the news could mean criminal charges for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. >> breaking news in the michael jackson death investigation. according to court documents, lethal levels of anesthetic propofol were found in michael jackson during the autopsy. this information was contained in a search warrant affidavit that was unsealed in houston today. houston is where jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray, has a home and also has an office. >> i'm told that dr. conrad murray took responsibility. >>> also, a young mom like millions of moms across america goes out for an evening walk on a country road not far from her own home talking away on a cell phone. the boyfriend on the other end hears screaming "please don't take me." her voice never heard again. she vanishes without a trace. that cell phone discarded on someone's lawn two miles away. as we go to air, the ground search expands. u.s. marshals and cadaver dogs hone in after an anonymous tip. more private video of missing mom released. we have the video. tonight, wher
to the affidavit, jackson's david, conrad murray, had been treating jackson for insomnia for approximately the past six weeks. he had been giving jackson 50 milligram of propofol every night via intravenous drip to assist jackson in sleeping. >> inconceivable you'd use in the a home setting because propofol is not designed for nor is it appropriately used in a home setting. >> reporter: fearing he was becoming addicted, dr. murray says he was trying to cut the dosage. the morning jackson died, murray says he first gave jackson the sedative valium at 1:30 in the morning, then at 2:00 a.m. the muscle relaxant lorazapam. at 3:00 a.m. an anti-anxiety drug. by 5:00 a.m., murray says jackson was still not asleep so he gave him more muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety drugs. finally at 10:40 in the morning, murray gave jackson propofol and he says jackson went to sleep. at 10:50, murray says he went to the bathroom. when he returned, jackson wasn't breathing. >> it is very, very far below what the standard of care of any trained anesthesiologist would do. >> reporter: for the last month, murray has been the
jackson story. for the first time the singer's doctor, conrad murray, speaking out in a youtube video. we're going to tell you what he's saying coming up. erica hill, "360" bulletin. >>> robert novak is being remembered tonight as a washington institution and a staunch id ideologue who embraced the nickname the prince of darkness. bob novak was 78. >>> a new u.s. intelligence report describes how venezuelan president hugo chavez is shutting down privately owned media outlets. the report points to the recent closure of three dozen privately owned radio stations and law to punish so-called media crimes. the radio station shut downs and the media crimes law are not related. >>> for the first time ever the u.s. army planning to require its more than 1 million soldiers take intensive training in emotional resiliency. translation here, they're getting help dealing with stress. according to news reports the program is meant to improve combat performance and also stem the mental health problems plaguing a fit of troops returning from iraq and afghanistan. >>> the first season of the 2009 atlantic
three days ago. dr. conrad murray, personal physician to the king of pop, seems to be the central figure in this ongoing investigation. what's his connection to this pharmacy? do they have the proof they need for criminal charges? we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining me to talk about it, let's welcome back kim for in touch weekly. anita kay, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. anita, i'll start with you. it's no surprise they're looking for propofol. but if they connect dr. murray with propofol at that pharmacy in las vegas, does that mean automatic that's criminal? what have we got here? >> not necessarily automatic. but it's getting steps and steps closer to possibly criminal charges. because we need to link dr. murray to the diprivan, to that drug. then you have the witness statement who says, you know, i saw him administer it within 24 hours. we've heard from doctors this can dissipate from your system rather quickly. since we're not privy to the autopsy report, we don't know if in fact that drug was foind in michael jackson's system. what they're going to have
zeroed in on jackson's personal doctor. conrad murray. >> reporter: after week of speck laying, nbc news has confirmed that the los angeles county coroner considers the death of michael jackson a homicide, and the lapd is pursuing a manslaughter investigation against the pop star's personal physician, dr. conrad murray. investigators searched murray's texas clinic last month. the search warrant affidavits unseal monday showed jackson had "lethal level of the powerful anesthetic propofol in his blood the day he died. >> when we're talking about manslaughter, we're talking about a departure from acceptable medical standards, that is more than just what we call ordinary negligence. it is criminal negligence. it is extreme negligence. it is beyond the pale of what a reasonable doctor would do. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, dr. murray told investigators, he had been giving jackson propofol intravenously every night for insomnia but was worried, jackson was becoming addicted to the drug. murray tried to replace propofol with other powerful sedatives, a couple of nights before he die
show investigators are searching for evidence of communications between conrad murray and other doctors who treated the king of pop as they seek additional evidence to support a manslaughter charge. i want to go back to leona leon rowe, known as rowe to the jackson family. joe jackson made a statement and you were on the phone when he did, that the overdose possibility was specifically covered in the insurance col -- policy by aeg. do you know that for a fact? >> no i don't know it for a fact but i was told by someone close to the insurance company that that's a fact. geraldo -- >> it would be 5 million they would receive. >> i heard it was more than that. i heard it was at least 2 possibly 3. >> let me say that. no one is speaking about the he knows for some reason. no one is speaking about the benefactor of the insurance. i think that needs to be highly investigated in most murder chases, cases of death mysterious death that's the first thing that's investigated is the insurance. especially when it's a person of the caliber of michael jackson. that needs to be thoroughly done. >> aeg
? the dark? according to dr. conrad murray's attorney, his client was unaware of michael jackson's "unusual" problems when he took the job. i'll talk to dr. sanjay gupta and jeffrey toobin about that. (pouring rain) i had a great time. me too. you know, i just got out of a bad relatio... it's okay. thanks. goodnight. goodnight. (door crashes in, alarm sounds) get out! (phone rings) hello? this is rick with broadview security. is everything all right? no, my ex-boyfriend just kicked in the front door. i'm sending help right now. thank you. (announcer) brink's home security is now broadview security. call now to install the standard system for just $99. the proven technology of a broadview security system delivers rapid response from highly-trained professionals, 24 hours a day. call now to get the $99 installation, plus a second keypad installed free. and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now-- and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >>> coming up, michael jac
. conrad murray could face criminal charges. >>> more than a million infected and as many as 90,000 deaths. a white house panel offers a dire prediction as the nation sets in for a second swine flu outbreak. a terrific hour coming your way. daily beast gerald posenor joins us and scott horton, defense attorney rebecca rose-wood land and richard engel in afghanistan and ron allen is with the president in martha's vineyard. we want to start by fast forwarding through the top headlines. in afghanistan four u.s. troops killed in a bomb blast. that brings the death toll to 41 americans killed there this month making it the second deadliest month in afghanistan since the 2001 invasion. >>> canadian police say they have identified the woman who brought ryan jenkins to a british columbia hotel where he eventually committed suicide. police aren't releasing her name. only saying that she is a person of interest in the case. >>> president obama has renominated ben bernanke as the chairman of the federal reserve. now, the president interrupted his week-long vacation on martha's vineyard to make the an
the insomia for weeks. exparties with propofol. murray was concerned that jackson was becoming increasingly addicted to propofol and introduced other drugs to help him sleep. on the day of his death he couldn't sleep. murray gives jackson vam yum, it doesn't work. 2:00 a.m. he gives him lore as pam. at 3:00 a.m. he tries another drug. still jackson cannot sleep. still other sedatives, all fair. then after, quote, repeated demands, request from jackson. 10:40 a.m. dr. murray gives him a diluted batch of propofol into his intervene just drip. dr. murray said he steps out of the room to go to the bathroom. murray then returns to the room two minutes later and found jackson had stepped breathing. franticly he attempts to revive jackson, performing cpr, administering drugs to reverse the effects of propofol, calling for help but would turn out to be too late. michael jackson was dead. today's documents say police questioned what he said he did after giving jackson the final powerful sedative. murray's cell phone records show three separate calls, one as long as 47 minutes at around the time murr
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